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If you are going to do just one small step towards better health, where to begin?

Water, water, water! Our bodies are 70% water. Doesn't it make sense to drink a water that simulates the most energetic water in nature? The water that simulates that of a waterfall. Clean, re-mineralized, ionized, energized, smaller clustered, H20!

Not bottled! We all know that has turned into a HUGE problem globally.

The system that I recommend, use and sell is the PiMag Waterfall from Nikken. Just pour tap water in and the unit does the rest without electricity or a water line pipe. Simply the best. Also available is the portable PiMag Water Filter bottle and the shower head filters.

Doesn't it just make sense to make this low cost investment toward better health for you and your family? 

Click here for WATER!

Ready to see the "last diet" that I am grateful to have learned?
Of course you are. You can do anything for 7 days. Renew your 7 days until you reach your weight loss goal. Once you learn  this plan... weight, attitude and life becomes easier to manage.

Watch the Vital Balance Eating Plan that has worked for me.

Our World has many unavoidable toxins today. Eleven years ago I was introduced to the Portable Relax 100% pure Far-Infrared Sauna. At first I turned my nose up at the look of it. Then the technology and benefits were explained to me, then I used it and realized for the first time how great a sauna can make you feel when it is the proper energy and it is NOT heating your head. Watch the brief video above. One thing to make note of. There are many copycat portable saunas on the market today that you may find for $350. They are NOT 100% pure Far-Infrared and often contain nothing more than the equivalent of a space heater or a fabric panel. Some have even used my photos! Cheap copies are a waste of money and un-fulfilling. Get the best from me. I am here to be of service to you and will never be undersold for the same quality product. For more information click on the detox tab, please phone or email me any questions or how I may help! This is the best and I still stand behind that statement all these years later. Suggested retail is $1295 plus tax and shipping. We are allowed to offer the Relax Sauna for $1195.

This website is an introduction. Nothing conveys the actual experience of utilizing any product or technology. I am always just a phone call away and that is how I best share my knowledge. Thank you for taking the time to learn about these things that may enhance you and your families well being, thus impacting Global Health. Be on a quest for being your best you!

Linda Morris

 Nikken has been creating the Greenhouse effect for our bodies for many years through easy to use products that blend into our daily lives. Keep it simple sweetie!