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Word of mouth advertising from my friends and associates is where I go first, when I am looking for help, services, places to stay...... everything. Please support my friends! Thank You!

My Mom, is Belva White. She has been an amazing support not only to me, but to thousands of Nikken Consultants Worldwide. She hand creates, custom decorative and protective covers for many of the Nikken products. Ask her about the 7 in 1 powerchip wrap for around the neck. This saved me from agony after a car accident, it also helps with a sore throat or coughing. Sleep demo pad covers, magflex, sleep mask, power chips the list is long. To keep your products clean, safe and prolong their life, please call Belva or visit her website. Thank You! and her new e-mail address is  [email protected]         Belva White 641-342-4141
I have a new inspiring website and Facebook page all based on "Being in the Flow" of life. Those synergistic moments where good things happen that just make you smile with gratitude. My Facebook page is where I invite you to share some of your moments whenever they happen for you. "The good news spot." Sometimes I may invite you to play a game with yourself, and the rest of us. An example would be....
For one week, expect nothing. What does this mean? It is unveiling the path of unconditional love. If you expect nothing, you will never be disappointed. So what if someone was to meet you at a certain time and place. Hmmm...yes, that is an interesting thought and there was an agreement in place. But expecting someone to show up at a certain time and place and there wasn't an agreement. Totally different ideas, yet on different levels, we do this quite often with those life partners, children, family members and even friends and employees. Thus the start of my blog on my new                                                                  website: